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The art of tea

The art of tea

Here are some golden rules for preparing an excellent cup of tea!
The ideal formula is based on 4 essential elements: 

  • The quality of the leaves
  • The quantity
  • The quality of the water
  • The temperature

:: The quality of the leaves

We recommend tea in bulk because the leaves chosen by our suppliers are fresh, and have been picked with care and packaged so as to maintain optimal quality.

:: The quality of the water

We suggest, if you cannot use mineral water low in sodium, to favour water filtered with a softener.

:: The quantity

A teaspoon per cup (2/2.5 gr.)

:: The temperature

It is important to measure the temperature of the water according to the colour of the leaves to be infused.

We sell electric kettles manufactured by the Danish firm Bodum.
This kettle enables you to set the temperature according to the tea