5 Top reasons tea and coffee are the perfect gifts

5 Top reasons tea and coffee are the perfect gifts

Best christmas gift? A nice cup of hot tea and coffee

It’s the happiest time of the year and also one of the busiest. Holidays bring joy and a long to-do list for most of us. Between the joy and celebration there’s hardly any time for planning or preparing. That’s why it helps to have a few gifts already in mind for when the time comes. Gifts like tea or coffee are one of the best options to celebrate the holidays because they hit all the best selling points for the season. 

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a great cup of tea or coffee, so why not give that gift to the ones you love this holiday season. Keep in mind one in seven people are unhappy with their holiday gifts. Surprising, right? Or maybe you’ve been one of those. Getting imaginative can pay off, but when Santa’s clock is ticking you’ll be thankful you also got a sweet something wrapped and ready.

  1. Tis the season for hot drinks

Winter means cold weather for most of us, so a nice hot drink is always welcomed. Plus, winter can last up to 6 months in some places so the more tea and coffee options the better. Helping your loved one wake up to a hot, energizing cup of coffee or tea is a great gift option. Get to the top of the favorites list by getting them their preferred tea flavor or adding a new discovery to their drink list. 

  1. There is something for everyone 

There are over 3000 varieties of tea alone, and coffee is different depending on where it’s grown. Plus you can mix and match the flavors you like to make your own personal cuppa. 

Depending on who the gift is for you can pick a certain type, and you know what this means right? You can save time and get everyone on your holiday gift a special something in one tea and coffee shop, just get them different varieties.

Pro tip: A good thing about getting tea and coffee as Christmas or holiday gifts is if you can casually ask people what they like. Just ask for recommendations on teas and coffees to try yourself, and you’ll get a good idea on what to get them.

  1. Discover new flavors

Thousands of options make for a very fun gift, oh the possibili-teas! 

Once you have an idea what they like you can help them discover similar flavors with new twists or go altogether in another direction. 

Don’t know what type of tea to get as a gift? 

Try discovery packs, these are filled with possibilities. Discover boxes of packs are there to broaden your tea and coffee horizons. Plus they are the perfect size to satisfy your tea or coffee curiosity, and make for an awesome gift. You might help your loved one find their new favorite tea or coffee.

tea and coffee are more than just hot drinks, they are a beloved part of many people’s rituals
  1. So many health benefits 

These two are one of the oldest, more consumed drinks in the world. They are known all over, and have now become parts of millions of people’s routines. Why? Because it’s about more than just the flavor. Tea and coffee have some very real, very cool benefits to offer those that drink them. There’s far too many to fit in this piece but here are a few. 

Benefits of drinking tea

  1. Tea has show to have protective effects on cardiovascular health 
  2. It has less caffeine than coffee 
  3. Can boost your immune system 
  4. May help protect your bones 
  5. Help soothe the digestive system 

And so many more benefits!

Benefits of drinking coffee

  1. Can boost physical performance
  2. Reduces risks of certain cancers
  3. Can help protect brain health 
  4. Helps fight depression 
  5. Boosts focus and attention

Plus plenty more reasons to drink your coffee!

  1. Easy to ship and affordable 

Last but certainly not least, tea and coffee are easy, reliable gifts. Not just because everyone is likely to enjoy one or the other. They are also easy to ship and affordable. So remember to put these treasured drinks on your gift idea list or your own Santa’s wish list. Pro tip: Make your gift really compete by adding tea and coffee accessories!